Homeschooling is gaining momentum and not just in the West. Attendees of this year’s Global Home Education Conference, discovered that it is becoming popular in places like Russia, where legislature and religious authorities are starting to support the practice. The conference was host to a number of distinguished guests from around the world, including two members of the Russian Parliament and a former Canadian MP. More than 800 homeschoolers gathered and heard from 100 speakers on various topics related to home education.

Top scholars are beginning to recognize the benefits that result when a child is home educated and they are now documenting those findings in their research. There has never been a better time to spread the message of homeschooling than today and that’s where you come in. Through donations to our Global Education Fund, we have made progress on the homeschooling front. The Canadian Centre for Home Education has funded international research that is influencing how society views education and interprets its outcomes.

Today, you have the opportunity to make an even greater investment in the lives of homeschooling families. While homeschooling is gaining traction in Russia, the practice remains illegal in neighbouring Belarus, and many other nations around the world. As advocates for parental choice, we see a need to not only defend the rights of Canadian families like yours but to help shift the perception of homeschooling on the global front. Your donation to the Global Education Fund is a critical part of these efforts. Donate today and help change the face of homeschooling around the world.

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