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Informing you of your rights.
Influencing the perceptions of Canadians.
Inspiring families on their homeschooling journey.

This is why the Canadian Centre for Home Education exists.

Helping Families Thrive Through Home Education Support & Research

Our Initiatives

Homeschool Advocacy & Awareness Fund
CCHE has taken steps towards greater homeschooling advocacy. Through digital marketing, print, radio, and television coverage, we’re taking a proactive approach by influencing the public and government’s views of homeschooling. We see research as an effective legal tool. That’s why we gather the most accurate data to assist us in all our efforts.

FIN – Families in Need Fund
When a major crisis hits your family, CCHE is there for you. Our Families in Need program helps provide timely support for homeschooling families who have urgent financial needs. Help us help others when they need it most by donating today.

Global Education Fund
The GEF not only helps support our annual Global Home Education Exchange, but it funds important global initiatives on the homeschooling front. At CCHE, we help support a pastor from Hungary who is working to make homeschooling more known and accepted in Europe.

Leadership Training Fund
Enrich the lives of homeschool leaders by giving to the Leadership Training Fund. Donations will be allocated to our annual National Home Education Conference. While attending the conference, homeschool leaders will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, best practices, and network with others, all while building lasting relationships.

Legal Policy & Intervention Fund
If you’ve ever sought legal counsel, you know how financially draining it can be. Help alleviate that burden for a family in need. Your donation helps protect you and other educators so we can all continue to do the work that matters most, educating the leaders of tomorrow.

Peter Stock_President

Peter Stock, Executive Director
Peter Stock is the Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Home Education (CCHE). For several years, Peter developed expertise in several areas of policy; but, his primary focus remained on making or improving the law, and usually with legislation designed to protect children and families. His experience with public policy, from conception to implementation, naturally progressed into protecting and promoting home education. For over 10 years Peter and his wife, Tarah, have been homeschooling their four children.

Cindy Taylor_Donor Relations

Cindy Taylor, Fund Development Manager

Cindy Taylor is our organized Fund Development Manager. It is because of many generous donors that HSLDA and CCHE are able to provide strong support to the homeschooling community, and Cindy bridges the gap.

Cindy has been homeschooling for 24 years, before it was the “cool” thing to do. Now at the tail end of homeschooling her children, she is enjoying watching her four mostly grown children make a difference in the world. Cindy is excited to be a part of her grandsons’ lives and cheer them on in their homeschool journey.

A long-time efficiency expert, Cindy brings her administrative skills she honed while still in College; and, the experience she gained while she built a successful direct sales business. Enthusiastic about sharing her business skills, she used her business as a learning tool alongside homeschooling her children so they could gain this expertise. She also assists business owners as a Virtual Assistant, Web Designer and Business/Life Strategist.


Lisa Knight, Conference Coordinator

Lisa Knight brings her innate love of planning and organizing to her position as Conference Coordinator for CCHE. In addition, her solid experience in administration and human resources is complemented by her educational background in psychology.

Lisa and her husband, Shawn, are beginning their own wonder-filled homeschool adventure with their two young daughters. Lisa loves traveling and lived in Dublin, Ireland for four months as a working holiday. However, their favorite family holiday destination is Disney World. When Lisa is not busy taking care of the kids, husband, dog, household, or conference work, she’s usually planning their next Disney vacation.


Change really does start at home - give today! Donate a one-time gift or provide monthly support by adding CCHE to your regular giving plan. Together, we can help change how Canadians perceive home education and see a healthier Canada emerge.

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