CCHE is the charitable organization that promotes the growth of Homeschooling across Canada and around the world. As you view our report you will learn how we do this via five aspects of support: Legal Policy & Intervention, Global Education Support, Families in Need, Advocacy & Awareness, and Leadership Training.


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In 2020 we celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the founding of CCHE.  Since that time we’ve held annual leadership conferences, funded groundbreaking research, supported the birth and growth of the global homeschool movement, supported families in need, generated positive public opinion about home education, and advocated in court and in the provincial legislatures for homeschool freedom.

Our mission is to Inform, Influence and Inspire, but we’ve only been able to do that for the last two decades because of your partnership with us.  Thank you for your generosity.

To learn more about the key activities CCHE undertakes, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch these short videos included in this year’s annual report!





Most people know Megen Zelinka for the work she does as Legal Counsel for HSLDA Canada where she assists individual families in various challenges they face from school boards, child protection agencies, and other agencies. However, a significant portion of her time is actually spent on behalf of CCHE.

Watch as Megen outlines the shift in focus she had to make as the circumstances of 2020 meant that many of our usual advocacy activities were interrupted as the educational system across the country was thrown into upheaval.





Gerald Huebner, CCHE Board Chair and his family are privileged to live in Manitoba where home education has always been legal. This is not the case in all parts of Canada and certainly not the case in many parts of the world today. Home education has grown across the world this past year.

Watch as Gerald shares stories about the global home education movement and how CCHE has been able to support families around the world.





Over the past 5 years, we’ve been able to help countless families across Canada continue homeschooling through personal crises. Through your generous donations, we are able to offer modest grants to families who are facing temporary financial difficulties.

Watch Cathy Robinson, our Families in Need Co-ordinator, as she shares stories of families that we have been able to support in their times of crisis.





Patty Marler, our Government and Media Relations representative, has been working hard to spread the word about our newest project, Homeschool.Today. This website provides Canadians with answers to so many of the questions they have about home education.

Watch Patty as she shares details about Homeschool.Today as well as all the other avenues she has been exploring to get our message of “inform, influence and inspire” out across Canada.





“Can children receive a good education at home?” We know they can, but how can we objectively demonstrate this to the courts, the legislatures and the general public?

Watch Peter Stock, CCHE Executive Director, as he explains why gaining a definitive answer to this question is vital to the future of home education and how we plan to do this in the coming years.





The National Home Education Conference, held each September, is the coming together of like-minded leaders and parents who are passionate about passing on wisdom to the next generation.

This conference helps to bring a clear perspective on why parents choose to educate their children at home. We all need to be reminded of the “why” and this conference serves that purpose.

Watch as Lorne Robinson, CCHE Board Member, shares his highlights of attending NHEC over the years and the necessity to continue, whether in person or virtually.


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