CCHE Privacy Policy

CCHE collects individual information in the following ways:

– Annual donations
– Through donations online, through the mail, over the phone, and at conferences

CCHE stores information in the following ways:

– All personal information is carefully filed so as to remain accessible to staff
– All personal information is kept hidden from non staff and in the event of new staff being hired, they are fully appraised of our privacy policy before they are given access to the files
– All personal information is either locked from unauthorized access or under the supervision of a staff member who is aware of CCHE’s privacy policy

CCHE uses personal information for internal purposes in the following ways:

– to process donations
– to provide information to our donors regarding our programs and rewards and to solicit further donations

CCHE distributes member information externally in the following ways:

– CCHE will never distribute private information to outside sources unless we have the consent of the individual in question

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