Bulgarians continue in their desire for their right to homeschool, under a government that has deemed the practice illegal. They draw strength from individuals in surrounding nations who have persevered and seen fruit from their efforts. A small nation, of little more than 7 million, Bulgaria is experiencing an increase in home education as of late.

Pursued by authorities for their unconventional practices, Bulgarians stand united in their efforts. They resolve to give their children the best education available, even if it comes at the cost of personal safety. Bulgarians are not alone but are among one of many European nations that share this sentiment and are striving to the same end.

The struggles of this nation may seem otherworldly to North Americans but they are closer to home than one might think. Over the past year, Canadians have experienced their own hardships on the homeschooling front. Now is the time to position ourselves with our fellow homeschoolers, across the street and around the globe. Help bring greater awareness of the many benefits of home education by donating today.

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