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2020 marks an important anniversary for a much beloved leading figure within the homeschool movement. Thirty-five years ago, Dr. Brian Ray commenced his work as the world’s leading academic researcher in the field of home education.

In 1985 Dr. Ray began publishing The Homeschool Researcher, a peer-reviewed academic journal chronicling the studies that demonstrate the benefits of parent-led education. Five years later he founded the National Home Education Research Institute. Within that year he also started being called upon as an expert witness in court cases, and to testify before legislatures. His interventions were a key factor in the legal affirmation of home education freedom in jurisdictions across North America.

HSLDA Canada Board Member Mike Smith says, “HSLDA has lost track of how many times Brian Ray has been called on to help establish the validity and success of homeschooling in courtrooms and legislatures….we are so grateful for his expert testimony in court on behalf of homeschooling families.”

Through his tireless research efforts, Dr. Ray almost single-handedly developed one of the newest branches of social science: home education research. Now, dozens of academic researchers around the world use his work to study this field. CCHE is proud to be a financial supporter of Dr. Ray’s research, and you can find a number of his studies by visiting:

Dr. Ray remains extremely active and has spoken at many homeschool conferences across Canada in recent years. He and his wife, Betsy, have made their home in Oregon where they raised and home educated eight children. They are currently expecting their 13th grandchild.

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