We all know that one of the main advantages of homeschooling is being able to choose your own educational approach. Each family can lean towards one or another method according to the uniqueness of each family member. Depending on the method chosen, children and youth can react differently and their enthusiasm can vary enormously.

However, it can be complicated to navigate through all the options, especially for families just beginning the great adventure of homeschooling. CCHE will shed some light on the subject through a series of articles that will gather the relevant information on some of the most commonly-used methods.

This series of articles will lay out the differences between various home education methods, including unschooling. You can also rediscover classical education or explore learning through unit studies. Each article will present a description of each method, its strengths, points to consider, suggest a routine for a typical day, and finally, include a few helpful references.

Besides classical education, unschooling, or unit studies, you will find information about traditional teaching based on literature. Or learn more about modern methods relying on computers, the Internet, DVDs and videos. We will also address learning through units, which covers several subjects with a single theme, or notebooking—also called lapbooking—or learning by project. We will also talk about methods inspired by great teachers, such as Maria Montessori, Rudolf Steiner or Charlotte Mason. These vibrant methods are appreciated by many and often permit children to be responsible for their own learning.

We will also cover the eclectic or relaxed approach, a popular method for those who have difficulty in identifying what works best with their child. Finally, we will discuss online or distance schools, which offer a feeling of security with their structure, but their level of support varies enormously.

Here are some links to feed your curiosity and fuel your brainstorming! After reading these articles, regardless of the age of your children and your experience as a parent-educator, you can select the method(s) that interest you and suit your children best. We hope that this series will help you tackle the coming school year with peace of mind.

For more information on Education Methods click here: www.homeschool.today

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