Repetski, Joe. (2001). Effects on services to home-based educators following changes to legislation and policy. Master’s (M.Ed.) thesis, University of Regina (Canada), 130pp. (Retrieved 7/19/13 from (“Hence, research about the needs of parents was of particular interest to me, because needs and services are complementary to each other” (p. 81-82). “First, participants spoke about the need for moral support. ….. Second, home-schoolers need to receive curriculum support and resources” (p. 82). “Third, Clendening (1996) cited the need to monitor and/or assess learners in a manner that is fair to home-schooling parents and al1 stakeholders in education. This need had a low profile by the parents who participated in this study. ….. Fourth, parents need to have their rights to home-school affirmed without innuendoes that children should return to conventional schooling. ….. Fifth, the need to receive financial assistance for the purchase of resources was the most recurring theme with the participants” (p. 83). “This study found that four needs are consistent with Clendening’s findings on home-based educators’ most immediate needs” (p. 84). Promotes collaboration between government/public schools and homeschoolers. Promotes public school at home, tax-funded schooling at home, and, therefore, more state control of homeschooling. Author’s recommendations include the following: “3. Keep trying to reach out to home-based educators who are resistant to a working relationship with the [state, public, provincial] school division” (p. 87) and “4. Consider increasing direct [tax, government] funding for home-based education programs” (p. 88). “Abstract: This study examines home-based educators’ perceptions of a school division’s services to them in Regina School Division #4 in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. Within a relatively recent legal framework in Saskatchewan, parents who chose to homeschool their children are generally required to register with their local school division. Those who register with Regina School Division #4 are supported by an array of services that are provided according to the new legislation. In late 1 999, the school division conducted a survey concerning twenty services offered to home-based educators. Using data from the survey results as a background, I used a qualitative research design to probe into parental perception about the usefulness of the services offered, particularly in comparison to the “before and after” of the legislative changes. The participants in this study were four long-term home-based educators. The research design involved two stages: first, individual semi-structured interviews with the home-based educators were conducted; and second, a focus group discussion was held with the same four participants. Two themes emerged from the findings: 1) the existing tensions, and 2) the fear of moving forward. Direct funding to support home-based education programs was the most sought after service expressed by the participants in this study. Recommendations to both the school division and home-based educators are intended to assist in forging a stronger educational partnership. Although the research is specific to Regina School Division #4, the literature review and findings would be beneficial to both urban and rural administrators who wish to learn about home-based education at the turn of the millennium” (p. i).) (Keywords: homeschooling, Canada, public schools, public school at home, needs)

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