Brabant, Christine. (2007). For a reflexive governance of education: The example of home education in Quebec. Paper presented at the European Conference on Educational Research, University of Ghent, 19-21 September 2007. Retrieved November 7, 2007 from Education-line (“Abstract. The author examines the case of Home Education in Quebec as an example of new challenges that coordination of education faces today. The theoretical framework used for this analysis is the “reflexive governance” and the “pragmatique contextuelle” (pragmatic and contextualised approach) developed by Belgian philosophers Jacques Lenoble, Marc Maesschalck and their colleagues. It is argued that the propositions drawn from these new ethics of governance can help solving educational problems related to the participation of different actors, such as the elaboration of norms with regards to Home Education.) (Descriptors: home education, research, philosophy, governance, policy)

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