Giving Up on School: One Family’s Story. (2007). Education Canada, 47(3), 38-42. ERIC Document No. EJ771020. (“Abstract: Although this author expresses her belief in public education, and states that homeschooling her two sons was not her first choice, she describes how she feels that she was forced into this decision by a school system that was insensitive to the special needs of her children. She discusses the experiences of her two boys in a local, publicly-funded school, and how the school environment hurt her children emotionally, behaviorally, and academically. After seven years of trying to make the school system work for her children, she gave up. Rather than working almost full time to make the school work for them, she is now working more than full time to give them the education the school failed to provide. After two years, both boys are thriving. It took the first year to simply restore the confidence in themselves that years of school-induced stress had destroyed” (retrieved 7/16/13 from Author is possibly from Canada.) (Keywords: educational environment; public education; special needs students; learning disabilities; asperger syndrome; parents as teachers; homeschooling, home schooling; school effectiveness; elementary education; individualized instruction; parent school relationship; parent grievances)

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