Robertson, Heather-Jane. (2002). Going with the flow. Phi Delta Kappan, 83(5), 349-350. ERIC Document No. EJ640843. (Author is probably opposed to public/tax funding of homeschooling. “Abstract: Criticizes report by Fraser Institute, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, on home schooling [homeschooling] in Canada. Report advocates government funding of home schooling.” (retrieved 7/16/13 from “As a result, this corporate-funded think tank [Fraser Institute] has assumed predictable positions on tougher standards (good), charter schools (very good), public funding of private schools (very, very good), and so forth. ….. Three jurisdictions provide some funding to parents, including Alberta, where school boards are required to rebate to parents a share of the per-pupil grant – usually $400 – for each student registered as home schooled. In exchange, subsidized Alberta home-schooled students must take that province’s applicable standardized achievement tests. It’s an unacceptable tradeoff for some Albertans, who gladly forgo the cash to keep their unregistered children safe from the clutches of …” (retrieved 7/16/13 from (Keyword: homeschooling, educational change; elementary secondary education; foreign countries; home schooling; public education; public opinion; public policy)

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