Gaumont, Léo. (2002). Home education and post secondary admissions. A paper presented at the 2002 Conference of The Association of Registrars of Universities and Colleges of Canada, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, June 24, 2002. (Addresses homeschooling and admissions policies of colleges and universities. “Home education is the fastest rising educational alternative in North America. As the number of home educated students increases, more will be seeking admission into post-secondary institutions. This paper describes the general attributes of home education, reviews the results of the National Survey of Post Secondary Admission Requirements for Home Educated Students and addresses the problems created by this newly emerging phenomenon. Some suggestions are also given on what can be done to accommodate these students at a post secondary level. Some of the information presented has been gathered from various resources cited while a great deal has been collected through my 14 years experience as a home school dad, supervisor/facilitator and director of a willing non-resident school board registering and serving home educating families. Personal study and research of the home school admission practices of post secondary institutions as well as the preparedness of home educated students for post secondary level training over many years has resulted in an understanding of the issues related to home education and post secondary admissions” [abstract, p. 1].) (Keywords: home education, research, college, university, admissions, policy)

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