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Homeschooling is about discovering, or rediscovering, numerous educational possibilities available to your children.

Children have always been educated. They probably have always been taught under the framework of an educator – a person who has analyzed even their own education. Today, teaching methods benefit from real history thanks to the written tracks left over the course of the past two thousand years by thinkers, scientists, and those who can be called pedagogues. All of them contributed to the enrichment of pedagogy in science or art.

As a parent-educator, you have the opportunity to choose the pedagogical method or methods that best suit your children, your objectives, and your teaching style.

Now you can preview some of the most well-known pedagogical approaches and methods through an interesting blog series. Many of the methods have been tested for hundreds of years, while others are more recent. For example, we’ve examined classical education, the pedagogy of Charlotte Mason, Waldorf education, the project method, and more. After a short description, the strengths and important points to consider are listed followed by some useful links.

With this information you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the various methods; and, possibly find one that’s suitable for your family. Happy Homeschooling!

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