As we come to the end of another school year, this is an excellent time to stop and reflect on the educational freedoms we currently enjoy in Canada. In light of recent developments, however, such as the Liberal Government’s discriminatory summer jobs program and the Supreme Court’s unjust ruling in the Trinity Western Law School Case, our freedoms are no longer assured. The Canadian Centre Home Education is working tirelessly to protect and promote homeschooling here in Canada and around the world…but we need your help.

CCHE is engaged in a new initiative to promote and defend our homeschooling rights in Canada and around the world. To this end, CCHE was privileged to represent Canadian homeschoolers at the recent Global Home Education Conference in Russia. Experts and scholars from more than 30 nations gathered and presented to over 1000 attendees.

By far, the biggest highlight for Canadian homeschoolers, is the research that was presented in Moscow. Scholars from nations as diverse as Kenya, China, the USA and Austria presented research papers. CCHE was honoured to be able to sponsor the attendance and participation of leading Canadian home education researcher University of Montreal Professor Christine Brabant. The research presented in Russia will be published shortly by a top academic publisher.

Why does scholarly research matter? The research that was presented at the Global Conference is incredibly important to the homeschooling movement in Canada and around the world. We rely heavily on such research when defending families in court, and speaking to legislative bodies to advocate for better homeschooling laws. Here at CCHE, we plan to feature highlights from the research in a new initiative to positively influence Canadian public opinion through the media so that society as a whole sees homeschooling as a valued educational choice in Canadian society. We want everyone to know that homeschooling is here to stay!

This is only the beginning of our new initiative and we need your partnership to continue these efforts. With your help, CCHE will take this message to influencers in the media and legislatures here in Canada to protect your homeschooling freedoms.

We need your donation now to continue this work so you can continue to enjoy your current freedoms. Thank you for partnering with us!

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Listen to Ray Strom, an HSLDA Canada board member and former AHEA President, as he talks about changes in homeschooling freedoms around the world.

Peter Stock, Executive Director of CCHE

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