Did you know that in just 3 years homeschooling grew by 40% in the UK? In this podcast, Laurel Nunez (CCHE) and Erin Fleming (We Learn Naturally) discuss homeschooling in the UK, Canada, and the Philippines. If you’ve ever wondered what home education looks like in other countries, now’s your chance to find out! Click here to listen in as they chat more about homeschooling around the world. 

We Learn Naturally

Erin Fleming is the founder of We Learn Naturally and Director of the Barn School, a unique venture that hosts homeschoolers, unschoolers, and public/private schoolers. Located in Burlington, Ontario, The Barn School includes various workshops, classes, and events, all while embracing a self-directed learning approach. Erin has a kinesiology background, MBA, and a BEd. Her passion for learning is reflected in all that she does. To find out more about the Barn School and its offerings, visit thebarnschool.ca 


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