Hunt, Rebecca N. (1996). Learning in the library: An assessment of library services to homeschoolers. Feliciter, 42(7-8), 62-69. (Appears friendly toward homeschooling. “Abstract: This paper seeks to dispel misconceptions about home-schooled children–that they are brainwashed, poorly socialized, or receive poor education. Public libraries can serve the needs of this user group by increasing staff awareness of both the Christian and the “unschooling” philosophical camps, keeping communication lines open about collection policy, or arranging for bibliographic instruction and other special programs. (LAM)” (retrieved 7/11/13 from, ERIC No. EJ529776). Feliciter is a national magazine dedicated to serving the Canadian library and information services community (of Canada). (Keywords: homeschooling, academic achievement; educational philosophy, educational quality, home schooling, library instruction, library services, misconceptions, outreach programs, parent participation, public libraries, religious factors, socialization, user needs (information), youth, Canada)

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