In Partnership with HSLDA Canada

Media Relations Specialist

Laurel Coatsworth


Have a story that needs telling or know someone who does? Give me a call! I’d be happy to connect with you and hear about your homeschool journey. Contact me for any of the following:

  •       You have a media related question about homeschooling/HSLDA Canada or CCHE in the news
  •       You have a personal story you’d like other HSLDA Canada Members to hear
  •       You’ve heard or seen a homeschooling story in the news that you’d like me to know about
  •       You have a topic of interest related to homeschooling that you think should be written about
  •       You know of someone in the media (t.v., radio, newspaper, etc.) who would be interested in speaking with me

You can reach me at the following:

By Email:
By Phone: 519-913-0318

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