Promotional Materials for the
2023 National Home Education Conference

Promotional Graphics

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Promotional Text

The paragraphs below are three variations of promotional text that can be used in conjunction with the graphics or on their own. Use on social media, in emails and on other websites. Highlight and copy the text you like and paste right where you want it. 


Be part of the gathering this September to be informed, equipped, and inspired about home education in Canada. The National Home Education Conference is happening Sept. 28-30, which is a beautiful time of year to go on a guided tour! This is NOT your typical homeschool conference. See the details at 


Gather with homeschool leaders, influencers, advocates, and others who have a passion for home education. You’ll be informed, equipped, inspired, and entertained!. The speaker list is full and varied and the teen program is ready to roll out. Youth will be grounded in their faith with the Answers Boot Camp where they will be better equipped to defend their Christian worldview of history and science and will have fun with the media production training to engage the technology-minded teen. Catch all the details at 


This is NOT your typical homeschool conference, which makes it one you may want to attend. See the details at

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