Knowles, J. Gary, & de Olivares, K. (1991). “Now we are adults”: Attitudes, beliefs, and status of adults who were home-educated as children. A paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Chicago, IL, April 3-7, 1991. (Used surveys and life history techniques to study adults who were home educated; findings suggest these people grew up with advantages that contributed to their independent view of society and their role in it; they are not homogeneous or amenable to easy categorization as a group, located throughout the U.S. and Canada in rural and urban areas, employed in a variety of professions and seem to be concentrated in occupations that allow for independence, flexibility, and/or creativity; they exhibit a wide range of political views and religious affiliations; a majority express a clearly positive attitude toward their home education and family experiences; they don’t exhibit characteristics that suggest they are disadvantaged in any way as a result of their home education experience; they have no grossly negative perceptions of living in a pluralistic society; home schools may have advantages that have been unrecognized to this point.) (Descriptors: home education, research, adults, grown children, qualitative.)

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