Preschool Craft Corner

Colour Me Back to School!

Twelve fun crafts for preschoolers…start with Crayon Art with a twist and finish up with Painting With Pendulums. Check out

Holiday Kids Crafts

“Fall in love with” fun thanksgiving crafts. A Christian homeschooling mom has posted lots of crafts for preschoolers.  If you can’t find what you are looking for in crafts on her site, follow her on Pinterest. Visit Holiday Kids Crafts

Popsicle Paint

Hot summer days = popsicles & fun. Combine the two and you have a fun summer craft for kids. Popsicle paints, bring them outside…paint on paper, paint the sidewalk or fence…make some wonderful creations!

Tickety Tock Clock

For a fun way to continue teaching your preschooler how to tell time, visit Nick Jr. for the pattern and instructions to learn along with Tickety Tock Tissue Box Clock.

Enchanted Learning

Remember the good old nursery rhymes Peter, Peter, Pumpkin EaterJack and Jill, and Humpty Dumpty? Classic! Explore these old nursery rhymes with Paper Finger Puppets. After nursery rhymes, try dinosaurs or click here to make more!

I Can Teach My Child

I Can Teach My Child is a playful, colourful website full of activities for babies to children 6+. Listed are thematic units, concepts, holidays, and a tab just for parents – including some great photography tips!

Summer Crafts

Easy summer time crafts are for those days when it is just too hot to play outside or everyone is bored silly. celebrates summer with tons of fun and easy crafts. The site addresses other issues like health, parenting, games, and food.

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