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Since 1982, ADS has provided the highest quality educational resources to parent’s across Canada. ADS not only carries complete curriculums but also supplementary materials for all subjects and grades. Whether you are just beginning or have been teaching for years, we at ADS would be privileged to be part of that journey.  Please visit our website.

Art With Janine

Art Classes and Tutorials by Grade and for Beginners of all Ages: Art With Janine was developed by a homeschool mom with over 14 years experience engaging students through Art. For 9 years of the 14 Janine was an Artist In Residence for the YRDSB, designing programs to help re-engage students with learning, because some students had simply disconnected. With her love for creativity and desire to help kids love learning Janine designed innovative art programs to channel academic subjects through. Currently Janine is building a stock of basic Visual are skills videos by grade, and will be adding a playlist for academic engagement through art. Currently any of the step by step classes on her channel can be used as cross-curricular support for some subject areas, such as  the Vibrant Winter Sky Painting, supporting learning about seasons, writing stories about winter, or learning about the direction and use of lines.


Blue Mantle Educational Supplies

Blue Mantle Educational Supplies is a family business promoting and supporting a homeschool lifestyle, as well as a Catholic way of life. We support a ‘Culture of Life’ with books, resources, and curriculum for home educating families along with Catholic books, DVDs, CDs, and religious articles to support all Catholic families. Visit Blue Mantle Educational Supplies or telephone 1-877-858-6833.


Curricket is a proudly all-Canadian educational publisher producing learning resources and materials that dramatically shorten lesson preparation time, free up valuable learning time for the child, conform to curriculum standards, and come with a 100%, hassle-free, satisfaction guarantee. Many Curricket titles link directly to fun and engaging video tutorials on via any computer web browser, tablet, or mobile device; engaging the student in a meaningful way and satisfying the technology portion of the curriculum. Curricket curriculum-based materials develop proud, confident, and successful students! Visit to learn more.


HomeGrown sells a variety of new and used educational products, homeschool curriculum, children/teen novels, games, puzzles, toys, classroom posters, science kits, reference books and much more!! HomeGrown also has a large selection of Christian/Bible books. Located in Berwick, Nova Scotia in the beautiful Annapolis Valley.

Phone: (902)300-4016  Cheryl James

Homeschool Canada

Homeschool Canada is a curriculum retail store located in Surrey, BC as well as online at We carry a wide variety of resources to meet your child’s learning needs, including Apologia, Life of Fred, and Evan-Moor, to name a few. We have a great selection of Canadian products as well like Jump Math, Professor Noggins card games, and all kinds of fiction, historical fiction, and non-fiction titles to cover just about any topic. Check out our website!

The Learning House

The Learning House supplies quality home education materials and encouragement to home schooling families. Whether it is high school, special needs, advanced learners or you’re just getting started we can help you find the curriculum to meet your home schooling needs. With materials from over 100 publishers and as BJU Press’ Canadian reps The Learning House can supply online, DVD, computer-based and conventional text book oriented courses as well as countless supplementary materials. We count it a privilege to “walk in the way” with you and your family. The Learning House

Math-U-See Canada

Math-U-See’s goal is to help produce confident problem solvers who enjoy the study of math and can apply what they have learned in everyday situations. Math-U-See is a complete award winning K-12 math program which teaches math concretely taking away the “TEARS” making math fun!
Jacki Knight
4819 West Saanich Road
Victoria, BC V8Z 3H4

Peppermint Stick Learning Company Inc.

We specialize in offering Canadian curriculum and wholesome literature. We also offer a selection of Bible-based resources and a few other things. Our twist on learning is a “Peppermint Stick” style, which is very flexible and fun to use! In addition to physical products, we also now offer downloadable printable pdf curriculum. Be refreshed with our “Encouragemints” blogs. From our family to yours, welcome to our website and online shop where you’ll find “lessons that stick with a refreshing touch of sweetness”!
Owners: Joy and Rob Delmore
357 Skyhills Road
Huntsville, ON P1H 2N5


Unlock Math

We take the stress & frustration out of the math equation and do all the Teaching, Testing, and Grading for you. Relax and leave teaching math to us. It’s what we love. Our Videos ENGAGE, EXPLAIN and ENTERTAIN! We put your child into a safe virtual classroom where they are the only student. No distractions. Just math. Designed to reduce math anxiety & build confidence. We break the math into “bite-size” chunks that will have your child saying “Aha! Now I get it! Completely online. Easy to navigate. Anytime Any Device access. Currently offering Pre-Algebra (Grade 7/8) with additional courses in development. Visit our website to learn more.

Alpha Textbooks

Alpha Textbooks is a full service Toronto based retailer that serves homeschoolers across Canada. We provide relevant, smart and cost sensitive learning and teaching materials, supported by exceptional service. We offer textbooks and workbooks from all publishers, in new or used copies to help families save money. We offer full curriculum textbook lists for all grades, and subject rich curriculum options based on students’ needs and learning preferences.

Artsy Startsy

Instead of asking your child “What do you want to be when you grow up?” begin asking them “What are you going to create today?”

Why have we relegated the arts to our childrens’ craft tables? A little bit of glue and some scissors do not make for true artistic inspiration. There is an intuitive need to ROAM in our children, and Artsy Startsy believes emphatically that caregivers need to provide children with the opportunity for children to just enjoy being children!

Artsy Startsy is a unique preschool curriculum that encourages children to ROAM if they want to! ROAM stands for Readers, Outdoor Explorers, Artists and Musicians.

Our curriculum allows children to actively explore the outdoors and to enjoy the diversity of the arts in order to feed their curiosity, creativity, imagination, empathetic qualities and expressive individualism.

Canadian Home Education Resources

CHER (Canadian Home Education Resources) knows that your family has unique needs. That is why we carry an extensive variety of materials to help you meet those needs. CHER  is your Canadian source for Home Education materials including: All About Learning, Alpha Omega Publications, Apologia Educational Ministries, Essentials in Writing, Explode the Code, Handwriting Without Tears, Learning Language Arts through Literature, Life of Fred, Mystery of History, Master Books, Northwoods Press, Rosetta Stone, Saxon Math, Singapore Math, WriteShop, and so much more! CHER has been committed to providing quality educational materials to parents, teachers, and grandparents who have a heart to make a difference in their children’s education since 1993. Visit us at

Excellent Resources

Excellent Resources is the Canadian distributor for written and video programs of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, the top-rated Writing Program in the Homeschool marketplace. While providing the resources of IEW, Excellent Resources has expanded its offerings with Canadian content writing lessons and Vid-E books only available in Canada.  Students from grade 3 to university levels have benefited from the vast amount of materials available. Click here.

Homeschool Beaver

Designed by a certified teacher and professional performer turned homeschool mom, this educational resource includes 25 original songs to help students learn about some of the most important events and people in Canadian History.

Included on the CD is a bonus tune “Learning The Canadian Prime Ministers By Song©” designed to help students memorize the names of Canada’s leaders beginning with Sir John A. Macdonald to our current Prime Minister, Mr. Stephen Harper.

Based on the principles of “The Well-Trained Mind”, by Susan Wise-Bauer, this CD will have your kids learning a whole Canadian History timeline in just 25 weeks!

Extra information including the link:

It’s fun to learn Canadian History!

Twenty Five engaging songs created by a Certified Teacher & Professional ACTRA Performer. Designed to teach students of all ages about many of the important events and people in Canadian history. For more information on “The Canadian History Tunes”© and “Learning The Prime Ministers By Song”© CD, visit us at:

LMP Teaching Connections (Learn, Make, Play)

LMP Teaching Connections is a family-owned, online bookstore offering resources to homeschoolers and teachers, based in Saskatchewan. Rod and Jo Amberson have been homeschooling their ten children from the start and have graduated three of them. They are committed to encouraging and supporting homeschoolers in this very important, sometimes difficult and always rewarding calling. LMPTC offers curriculum, novels, stories, games, hands-on activities, science kits, Christian clothing and so much more! Check out the website at!
1576 Bishop Place
Regina, SK, S4Z 1A6

Northwoods Press

Northwoods Press provides Canadian history and geography for active minds and story lovers. Donna Ward’s studies are easy to follow, and are accompanied with a wealth of living books, videos, and online resources to make Canadian social studies one of your child’s favourite subjects for even the reluctant parent or student. Go to Northwoods Press

Tree of Life School and Book Service

At Tree of Life School and Book Service we have been meeting the educational needs of home schooling families since 1994. Our staff carefully plans and monitors courses of study individualized to your family situation as well as providing quality products to support your home education needs. Our new literature-based studies, “What’s the Big Idea?”  and “The Study of the Great Ideas Through Great Books”, have become increasingly popular!  For more information these and other course options, visit our website.

Webster’s Academy for Excellence in Writing

Webster’s Academy offers live, online, face-to-face interaction with highly trained and qualified teachers who teach the Blended Structure and Style method of learning the skill and art of writing. Short 5 and 6-week courses span from introductory creative and report writing to advanced essay and exam preparation. Students are welcome from grades four to university levels and can attend live classes or recorded sessions at their convenience. Course schedules and descriptions are online at Webster’s Academy.

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