Preschool Development & Learning

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For Kindergarten

Ever wanted an easy way to teach your kindergarten age child math, alphabet, reading, and motor skills? With these free printable worksheets your child will be able to learn these basic skills (and more!) with your help, or even on his own. Available through School Sparks you can also purchase their Workbook (461 of their best worksheets).

Language Skills

Early development of language skills in both reading and writing are very important. The PBS Parents blog has many links that will guide you in helping your preschool child develop reading, writing, and other early language development milestones. PBS Parents also lists extra resources like preschool activities and games to make learning language skills fun for your child.

Fine Motor Made Easy

Promoting fine and gross motor skills is all about play. Preschool children need both running around and settling down for quiet time. Hands on as we grow blog shares wonderful creative ideas for practicing fine motor skills and having fun too!

I Can Teach My Child

I Can Teach My Child is a playful, colourful website full of activities for babies to children 6+. Listed are thematic units, concepts, holidays, and a tab just for parents – including some great photography tips!

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