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Five Tips to Establishing Tot School

Now, don’t let this title overwhelm you. It is not about setting up a school for tots! Rather this article can help you establish “a meaningful Tot Time for the upcoming homeschool year”, especially if you are homeschooling an older preschool child. Check out 5 Tips to Establishing Tot School on Hip Homeschool Moms.

Simply Charlotte Mason

Homeschooling method and philosophies are abundant. One path that many choose is the Charlotte Mason way.  The Simply Charlotte Mason Web site offers an Early Years Guide for those homeschooling their preschoolers. The site offers many ideas, curriculum, and teaching suggestions from reading and copying to music and art. The Preschool Guide is one of the many resources they have available for preschool learning!

Preschool Blog Articles

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Homeschooling Your Preschooler: An entirely doable task

Ten Reasons Why to Teach Young Children

Ten reasons why it is never too early to start teaching your preschooler: 1. It’s fun. Play is how a child learns to make playtime rich with learning activities. The creative parents will have just as much fun as the children. 2. It’s easy. A walk in the park, digging in the sandbox, pulling out the crayons and paper – learning happens naturally, every day. 3. Bonding. What better way to bond than to share a favorite picture book with the baby in your arms without distractions. Read More. Pre-K Smarties

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