Shade, Leslie Reagan. (1999). Roughing it in the electronic bush: Community networking in Canada. Canadian Journal of Communication, 24(2). Retrieved 7/15/13 from (Mentions homeschooling only once: “A variety of educational resources are provided on the NCF, from information on K-12 schools and school districts, to college and university information. Other information provided includes discussion areas provided for Christian education, home schooling, Russian-language teachers, supply teachers, and Native-language study; forums for high school tutoring, a students’ SIG, and a Parent School Association area.” Homeschooling is not a notable focus of this paper. “Abstract: This paper provides an overview of the community networking movement, with a closer look at community networking in Canada and, in particular, an examination of the National Capital FreeNet in Ottawa. It explores ways that community networks in Canada are envisioned to support and sustain community and contribute to the continuance of Canadian content and cultural sovereignty, and concludes with issues regarding sustainability.”) (Keywords: community networking, Canada)

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