Sharing the Good News of Home Education

The good news is that parents are able—and the best choice—to teach their children. Families that live the educational life together are stronger together and as individuals.

3 Question Mission Plan

Define how you can serve parents. Whether you are connected to a business or organization or just want to share the homeschooling lifestyle, you can serve parents by sharing a way to have a more meaningful family life.

  1. What and why are you selling/sharing? Think about alternatives to the obvious. Consider how you are benefiting the people that buy from/are influenced by you. Describe what you are providing in the way of solving problems, convenience, and happiness.

Write the mission statement that reflects the way that you can reach parents for home education.

  1. Who is the ideal parent that you want to reach with the homeschooling message? Write down the qualities and personality of one person: age, male, female, marital status, children, work life, values, challenges, interests, income level, hobbies, priorities.

Learn more about developing a buyer persona:

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Determine who the ideal parent is that you can reach about home education.

  1. How will you attract their interest? What could be the intriguing information and materials you can create to draw the attention of parents in the form of: conversations, emails, events, videos, teaching guides, ebooks, podcasts, articles. Write out topics that would be interesting to your audience.

Write down what you can do to reach parents for home education.

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