Statistics Canada, Tourism and Centre for Education Statistics Division. (2013). Summary elementary and secondary school indicators for Canada, the provinces and territories, 2006/2007 to 2010/2011. Published by the Minister of Industry, Canada.  (Defines homeschooling as follows: “Home Schooling [homeschooling] is an alternative method of learning that takes place outside of the public or private school environment. Parents choosing homeschooling have the primary responsibility of managing, delivering and supervising their children’s courses and program of learning, which can vary from a very structured curriculum to free‑form learning” (p. 60). “Home Schooling Data Collection: In the summer of 2011, Statistics Canada conducted a jurisdictional review and was able to ascertain that the data collected on the ESES for public schools, Enrolment (grade), Enrolment (age) could be provided by jurisdictions for home schooling. Therefore, in January 2012, Statistics Canada started collecting home schooling data for the 2011/2012 collection period” (p. 11). This author cannot find any place in the report that homeschooling-specific data or statistics are provided, since homeschooling appears to be consistently grouped with private institutional schooling. Regarding various tables (e.g., Table 1.1), author notes: “Other: includes private schools and/or home schooling data as provided by the jurisdictions” and “Care should be taken with cross-jurisdictional comparisons [sic]. Depending on the jurisdiction, home schooled students register with the local public school the public school board, the department of education or with an accreditated funded independent [sic] or private school” (p. 12).) (Keywords: elementary school, secondary school, population sizes, public school, private school, homeschooling)

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