Van Pelt, Deani. (2004, March). The choices families make: Home schooling in Canada comes of age. Fraser Forum, March 2004, p. 15-17. Retrieved 5/29/08 and 5/13/08 from Fraser Institute: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Author releases some of research findings from her full-length report. “The students scored, on average, at the following percentiles: (a) first to eighth graders in reading, 81st; language, 76th; and mathematics, 74th; and (b) ninth to twelfth graders, in reading, 85th; language, 84th; and mathematics, 67th” [p. 16]. Presents findings on young adults who were home educated. “This report, also one of the first Canadian studies to survey home-educated adults, found that responsible citizenship ranked high: 72 percent had voted in the last 5 years, less than 7 percent had ever collected employment insurance benefits and none had ever received any social security assistance. Over 80 percent volunteered in one or more capacities” [p. 17]. And “… formerly home-educated students, now adults, filled in the satisfaction With Life Scale (Pavot and Diener, 1993) to determine their level of contentment and satisfaction with life” [p. 16]..) (Descriptors: home education, research, academic achievement, demographics, adults, success in adulthood, Canada)

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