Corbett, Michael. (2008, May). The Edumometer: The commodification of learning from Galton to the PISA. Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies, 6(1), 352-378. Retrieved 7/11/13 from (Mentions homeschooling in a footnote but there is no significant focus on homeschooling in the paper. “[Note 1] In the United States and in the Britain there has been an ongoing weak critique of educational standardization that calls into question such national initiatives as the British National Curriculum and No Child Left Behind in the United States. Much of this critique, I would argue tends to accommodate the standardizing structural changes introduced into national education systems as fait accompli. It is important though to note that there has been a persistent group of anti-standardization scholars and lobbyists who have maintained the position that such tests are at least deeply problematic and at worst fundamentally distort educational practices. Some of these critics include Alfie Kohn in the United States, Marita Moll in Canada, and Guy Claxton in the UK. The rise of home schooling, alternative schools and charter schools also represent ways that parents who are critical of educational standardization have responded to and resisted the development of linear educational commodification” (p. 373). Author is from Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada.) (Keywords: commodification, learning, schooling, homeschooling, charter schools)

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