Guppy, Neil; & Davies, Scott. (1999). Understanding Canadians’ declining confidence in public education. Canadian Journal of Education I Revue canadienne de l’education, 24(3), 265-280. Retrieved 9/10/13 from (Mention homeschooling, home schooling, but homeschooling is not any kind of focus of the paper. “Yet, applying Loveless’ reasoning to the Canadian case raises problems. First, in Canada, unlike in the U.S.A., a growing minority of people are voting with their feet and leaving the neighbourhood public system in search of alternatives (e.g., private schools, home schooling, virtual schools, charter schools). At least among a vocal minority of Canadians, public criticism and public action coincide; both indicate that Canadians have less confidence in their public school system than U.S. citizens have in theirs” (p. 277).) (Keywords: public education, public schooling, public attitude, public opinion, homeschooling, choice)

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