Why Home Education?

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Why Home Education?

Simply put, home education is an excellent option for both your children and society.

We are all swayed by many stereotypesFirst, that homeschooled children face academic, social or emotional deprivation. Secondly, the preconceived idea that attributes the public education system as the key to children’s happiness and success.

Yet the facts about homeschool are very different from our beliefs and speak for themselves.

Studies show that homeschooled children are among the best adjusted, happiest and best prepared to face the challenges of the “real” world. In fact, children educated at home are:

  • More socially engaged, participating in organized team sports and hobby groups;
  • More likely to embark on entrepreneurship and have their own business;
  • More educated and more inclined to pursue higher education; and,
  • More likely to get involved in politics

Homeschooling is about giving your kids what’s best for them.
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