Three reasons to join the HSLDA

Choosing home education is a life-changing decision, with incredible benefits. But it also holds a number of surprises—and not all of them are good! That’s why we encourage all homeschooling families to consider a membership with the Homeschool Legal Defence Association. Here are three practical benefits membership offers:

Legal assistance.

No one expects to need a lawyer, and most of us hope we’ll never have to see the inside of a courtroom, especially not because of our decision to homeschool. But sometimes the unexpected happens, and that’s where your HSLDA membership can help. As a member, you have access to legal counsel and defence on homeschool-related issues at no additional cost to you.

Liability insurance.

Renting a facility for a special event or a homeschool co-op can be tricky. And if you don’t have insurance, it’s virtually impossible. As an HSLDA member, you receive liability insurance coverage for many of your family’s home education activities, as well as events organized to serve other homeschooling families (who are also HSLDA members).

Administrative support and general services.

In addition to providing legal and insurance services, HSLDA also offers our member families a variety of additional services including:

  • Assisting home-educated students seeking entrance into college or university
  • Resources for teaching children with special needs
  • Referrals to homeschool support groups
  • Letters helping students obtain ID cards and educational discounts
  • Assisting with communication between families and school boards regarding home education

Insurance, legal and administrative support—for only $12 per month. The peace of mind you’ll have is worth the price alone.
Join the HSLDA today!

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